Product Safety


DO NOT use or permit use of any equipment that is damaged and or has worn or broken parts. Use only replacement parts supplied by The Extra 20 Yards®.

Cables pose an extreme liability if used when frayed. Always replace any cable at first sign of wear (consult The Extra 20 Yards® if uncertain).

Preventative maintenance is the key to smooth operating equipment as well as keeping your liability to a minimum. Equipment needs to be inspected at regular intervals.

Ensure that any person making adjustments or performing maintenance or repair of any kind is qualified to do so.

Before any use, examine all accessories approved for use with The Extra 20 Yards® equipment for damage or wear.

Do not attempt to use or repair any part or accessory which appears to be damaged or worn.

Inspect equipment before each use. Tighten all loose connections and replace worn parts immediately. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.


Follow the installation instructions carefully. The Extra 20 Yards® recommends that all equipment be secured to a solid surface to stabilize and eliminate rocking or tipping over. If in doubt, please refer to a DIY/Building expert.

Operating Warnings

It is the purchaser's sole responsibility to properly instruct its end users and supervising personnel as to the proper operating procedures of all The Extra 20 Yards® equipment.

Keep children away from strength equipment. Parent or others supervising children must provide close supervision of children if the equipment is used in the presence of children.

Do not allow users to wear loose fitting clothing or jewellery while using equipment. It is also recommended to have user's secure long hair back and up to avoid contact with moving parts.

All bystanders must stay clear of all users, moving parts and attached accessories and components while machine is in operation.

Selector Weight Stack Systems

Use only weight selector pins supplied by The Extra 20 Yards® on weight stacks. Substitutes are forbidden.

Fully insert weight selector pins. Partial insertion can cause weights to fall unexpectedly.

Never pin the weight stack in an elevated position.

Never remove selector pin if any weights are suspended.

Never attempt to release jammed weights or parts.

Never use dumbbells or other means to incrementally increase the weight resistance. Use only those means provided by The Extra 20 Yards®.

The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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