February 2011 - The PGA National Golf Academy has just installed The Extra 20 Yards® in their Belfry, UK training centre.  Gary Silcock, Director of Golf said "The Extra 20 Yards provides the perfect way to exercise the correct muscles needed in the golf swing”

“The Extra 20 Yards works in a way that bridges the gap between the gym and golf.”  - Chris Ryan - PGA Professional, PGA National Academy, The Belfry



  January 2011 - Crown Golf, Europe’s largest golf club owner and operator, recently took delivery of The Extra 20 Yards® to its golf academy at Pine Ridge Golf Centre in Surrey and the professionals that have been working with it are delighted with the results. 

From the moment the machine was installed PGA Advanced Professional Greg Brodie could see how The Extra 20 Yards would work in tandem with his lessons and after 2 months of using the machine he was still as impressed. Greg commented,

“I have used the product a great deal with my lessons. The feedback genuinely has been great. I find it teaches the players the feelings that they should have regarding a correct downswing sequence. Truly a fantastic teaching tool. To teach the correct kinematic sequence can be tough for a pro. This makes life very simple.”


  September 2010 - Catriona Matthew - 2009 Womens British Open Champion has endorsed The Extra 20 Yards.  She said  

“My coach introduced me to The Extra 20 Yards, and I immediately saw how useful it would be.  I got one within a few days.  I am sure it will help me develop a stronger golf swing, hit the ball further and protect me against long term injuries”.



   The Extra 20 Yards® is pleased to announce that Kevin Craggs (one of Golf Monthly's Top 25 UK Coaches) has taken delivery of The Extra 20 Yards® product.  He said "If you want to get power and distance in to your game, what a perfect device!"...more later...

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   The Extra 20 Yards® has just launched its own Facebook page - check it out at


National Club Golfer - September 2010

“If you want to increase the speed of your swing and ultimately your distance, this simple yet innovative contraption is for you.”

“This is a great piece of golf specific training and fitness equipment and this sure does make sense in terms of replicating the golf swing”

Bunkered Magazine - June 2010

Forget about spending hours on end at the gym trying to bulk up to achieve more distance from the tee- The Extra 20 Yards has arrived.”


Golf Monthly - September 2010

EDITORS PICK “This weight machine combines gym training with the golf swing. It allows golfers to replicate the golf swing and exercise all of the correct swing muscles one movement. Using the machine for five minutes a day, three days a week; will help increase clubhead speed and, as a result, should help you gain that extra crucial yardage.”


   The Extra 20 Yards® is pleased to announce that in the first few weeks since launch it has achieved sales in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Austria, France, Finland and Germany!  A great start.

The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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