How to Install your Product

The Extra 20 Yards® is easy to install. If you can put up a bookshelf, you can install this product! Follow the simple steps below to set up your product. You'll be up and running in minutes. Click here to download a simple step by step guide.

Extract all parts out of the outer packaging. Identify where you are going to install The Extra 20 Yards®. Make sure that the location has a minimum height of 235cm. Also make sure that the area is large enough to swing the full range of movement for both right and left handed swingers.


Select the appropriate fixing for the wall (e.g. anchor bolt, rawl plug, spring toggle plasterboard screw). If in doubt, consult someone who is experienced in DIY. You need to purchase the appropriate fixing from your local hardware store. Take the weight stack and place it in the location where the product is to be installed.

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Connect the pipes as shown.

Take the top box and place it on top of the vertical pipes.


Mark where the screw holes need to be drilled. Then move the product so that you can drill the holes in the marked spots. Drill the 4 holes using the appropriate drill and drill bit for the fixing method you have selected.

Depending on your selected location and fixing method, either (a) place the box onto the anchor bolts, insert washers and screw the bolts to secure the top box to the wall, or(b) hold the top box against the wall and insert the screws or spring toggles through the four holes before screwing the box securely to the wall.

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Undo the attachment at the end of the cable in the top box so that only the bulbous end is available to be inserted through the large pulley on the front plate. Take the front plate of the top box and insert the cable into the back of the large pulley. Make sure the cable goes under the horizontal guide.


Move the front plate up to the top box, and screw the socket head button screws on all four corners.

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Take the end of the wire not attached and insert the bulbous end into the attachment. Insert the bolt through the attachment and tighten. The handle is now properly attached.

Attach the weight stack guards using the socket head button screws. Insert the weight stack selector.

Check all screws, bolts and fixings to make a final check before using. The Extra 20 Yards® is ready to be used!

The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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