How does it work?

Golfers use many muscles in the golf swing. All of those muscle groups need to be stronger if you want to gain extra distance. The Extra 20 Yards® develops all of those muscle groups in one exercise.

Use The Extra 20 Yards® for 5 minutes, 3 days a week, and within a couple of weeks you will be hitting the ball an extra 20 yards!

Product information 

  • We all know that weight machines are ideal for developing strength - strength increases club head speed - club head speed means you can hit the ball further.
  • The Extra 20 Yards® has been designed specifically for developing strength and flexibility during the golf swing.

It has 3 key features:

  • The pivoted pulley - ensures you stay on the correct swing plane as you develop your golfing muscles. The swivel pulley at the top allows both left and right handed golfers to use the product. Those who are using the product a lot may want to alternate between right and left handed use in order to aid symmetrical muscle development.
  • The correct weights - which are calibrated to ensure optimum strength development for the golf swing. Too light, and they are of no use. Too heavy, and the right muscle response will not be developed. Each weight increment is approximately 2Kg or 4.4lbs.
  • The golf grip - ensures you are replicating the golf swing, right down to your fingers! This is unlike any normal gym apparatus.

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 7ft 8in  or  235cm
  • Width: 11in  or  30cm
  • Depth: 4in  or  10cm
  • Total Weight: 64lbs  or  29Kg
  • Weight stack: 33lbs  or  15Kg
  • Individual weights: 4.4lbs  or  2Kg

The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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