Golf Fitness

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Golf Fitness Exercises and Programs to Benefit Your Game

Golf strength and conditioning has become an integral part of success at the professional level. The amateur is also becoming aware of the requirements, benefits. Unfortunately many amateur players are unaware of what type of physical conditioning is required to support the golf swing.

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Golf Fitness Exercises to Build a Better Golf Swing

Golf fitness training comprised of flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, and power golf exercises can greatly benefit your swing. The Extra 20 Yards® can help you achieve all of these characteristics.

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Nutrition for Golf

If you have put in some decent work using The Extra 20 Yards® in preparation for hitting the ball further then it would be a shame to not take advantage all the way round the course. Nutrition is key to feeling energetic and focused all the way round the course!

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Flexibility is Critical

Using The Extra 20 Yards® will help to develop a full range of movement – especially on your backswing.

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Pre-Season Golf Fitness Training

The pre-season for many golfers is the time in which thoughts about getting ready for the first round of the year begins. This typically occurs when the weather begins to turn for the better, courses closed for the winter announce an opening day, and when the professional tours both in the States and abroad have been in full swing for a couple of months.

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The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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