The Extra 20 Yards® is a new product, however it is already recieving great feedback from Professional and Amateur Golfers. And a Major Golf Champion!

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  • "The thing I like about this product is that you’re not selling pixie dust…”
    Matt Adams, PGA Tour
  • "If you want to get distance and power into your game...what a perfect device!."
    Kevin Craggs, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach
  • “We recommend The Extra 20 Yards to anyone looking to get a bit stronger and hit the ball longer.”
    Tom Jackson, Director of Instruction, Core Golf Academy, Orlando, Florida
  • “I love the machine. Great for health clubs, golf studios or any one serious about improving their game, all at an incredible price”
    Gary Rusnak, Former PGA Tour Player, Florida, USA
  • “The Extra 20 Yards works in a way that bridges the gap between the gym and golf.”
    Chris Ryan, PGA Professional, PGA National Academy, The Belfry
  • “A home weight pulley device that mimics the golf swing to increase club head speed.”
    Bill Pennington, New York Times
  • "The Extra 20 Yards is installed in my home. It is just like having a rowing machine, treadmill or stationary bike – but it specifically works for golfers!"
    Catriona Matthew, 2009 Womens British Open Champion
  • “It is brilliant that I can have the device right on the Driving range, so my students can feel the difference straight away.”
    Morten Beck, Head Pro at Odense Golfklub, Denmark
  • “The Extra 20 Yards is a great way to strengthen all of the golfers muscles and create more distance”
    Norm Tums, PGA Professional at Sandestin Resort, Destin, Florida, USA
  • “The Extra 20 Yards is the perfect way to exercise the correct muscles needed in the golf swing”
    Gary Silcock, Director of Golf, The Belfry, UK
  • "This is an outstanding product that helps golfers create the core muscle strength required to hit the ball further. I strongly recommend The Extra 20 Yards to the golfers I teach."
    Will Murray, PGA Professional, RAC Club, Epsom, UK
  • "A great all round training aid. Improving the sequence of the down swing and impact while increasing the strength of the golfer at the same time”
    Colin Fisher, PGA Professional, World of Golf, Scotland
  • "The response to The Extra 20 Yards has been excellent. I have already noticed an increase in yardage in some of my pupils"
    Scott Stevens, PGA Professional & Managing Director of Trailblazer Junior Tour
  • "The Extra 20 yards is being used daily - it is helping us strengthen the golf swing movement - it delivers exactly what it promises!"
    Lukasz Wojdynski, Teaching Professional, Silva Sport,Warszawa Poland
  • "We have one on the range. It works really well. It’s perfect for the golfer who doesn’t want to spend hours in the gym."
    Jorgen Persson, PGA Professional, Black Mountain Golf Club, Thailand
  • "This a great training device that helps you build the right muscles, so you can hit the ball further"
    Simon Yates, OneAsia Tour member
  • "I find it teaches the players the feelings that they should have regarding a correct downswing sequence. Truly a fantastic teaching tool. To teach the correct kinematic sequence can be tough for a pro. This makes life very simple."
    Greg Brodie, PGA Advanced Professional, Crown Golf Academy at Pine Ridge
  • "This weight machine combines gym training with the golf swing. It allows golfers to replicate the golf swing and exercise all of the correct swing muscles one movement. Using the machine for five minutes a day, three days a week; will help increase clubhead speed and, as a result, should help you gain that extra crucial yardage.”
    Golf Monthly (UK) - September 2010
  • "If you want to increase the speed of your swing and ultimately your distance, this simple yet innovative product is for you.”
    National Club Golfer (UK) - September 2010
  • "This is a great piece of golf specific training and fitness equipment and this sure does make sense in terms of replicating the golf swing”
  • "Forget about spending hours on end at the gym trying to bulk up to achieve more distance from the tee- The Extra 20 Yards has arrived”
    Bunkered Magazine, June 2010
  • "This is the secret weapon for creating extra distance. My clients really benefit from using it."
    German PGA Professional (and one of our first customers)
  • "I see lots of women golfers who have really good technique and swing mechanics. However many of them lack strength through the golf swing. This results in lower club head speed which means they do not hit the ball as far as they should. The Extra 20 Yards is a machine that will help all Lady golfers develop that strength and help them to hit the ball further"
    Catriona Matthew, Major Golf Champion
  • "I don’t have the most orthodox swing - but it’s all mine! Using The Extra 20 Yards, I have been able to get stronger and I can feel that I am gaining yards."
    Rory S, 42, Geneva, Switzerland, Hcp 18
  • "The quality of strike that I get from every club in the bag is much, much better - it’s not just the driver. My 7 iron is flying about an extra 5 yards."
    Dave B, 55, Newcastle, UK, Hcp 24
  • "I have always been embarrassingly short. But after a couple of weeks I started to gain some yards off the tee. I can now keep up with my friends."
    Nick Y, 50, Chamonix, France, Hcp 5
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The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which should be used as part of a training exercise programme to develop strength in the golf swing. Strengthened muscles and fitness will result in faster movement and golf club speed. The increased inertia of the club head results in hitting the ball further. This is an innovative golf training product.

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