Why Should You Improve Golf Swing Speed?

John has been struggling with his golf game lately?  Last year, he seemed to have a pretty good swing, but this year he has been struggling with getting the distance he wanted. It seemed to him that his golf swing mechanics were accurate, but it seems like he wasn’t getting enough speed on the swing.

He read countless articles on how to improve golf swing speed. In the one golf training guide, it talked about incorporating different fitness elements. John also figured it wouldn’t hurt to go through a step by step golf swing program. He hoped the combination of getting stronger and taking a part his swing would lower his score.

Why is it important to improve golf swing speed?

Golf swing speed is an elusive term for most amateur golfers. We’ve all heard of it and know it relates somehow to longer drives, but how can we increase golf swing speed quickly and effectively?

Do you think it’s swing harder? Have you tried that approach? What happened? I can take a wild guess. The ball didn’t go anywhere! You were so tense that your golf swing speed was actually much slower.

So how do you achieve the ever-elusive higher golf swing speed?

My friend Robert had a natural golf swing. It was nice and easy, he always made great contact with the ball, and it always traveled straight as an arrow. The problem was that he had no distance and couldn’t hit nearly as far as anyone in his golfing group. Robert was a strong man who had played for years, but because he had such a naturally, easy swing, he really had no golf swing speed to speak of and it showed in his lack of distance.

Robert and I went to the local golf shop to get our swing speed measured, and his was a good thirty miles per hour less than mine, which accounted for the difference in distance. So, is there a way to improve golf swing speed?

There are some websites that you can visit that will give you tricks on how to swing just as fast as the younger guys. If you are like most of us and haven’t kept yourself in the best of shape, there is still hope for you if you learn how to practice the right way and increase your speed.   Extra Yards is the ticket for everyone who wants to improve golf swing speed, and therefore drive the ball further.

Golf swing speed is one of the key factors in hitting your drives as far as possible. Golfers of all ages and abilities are always trying to get more out of their drives…aren’t you? But what’s the most effective way to achieve higher swing speed?

The goal of most strength coaches and trainers is to come up with exercises that closely resemble that particular athletic movement, but with some form of resistance.  Extra Yars does exactly that!

Exercises For Golfers For Longer Drives

Doing exercises specific to golfing is one of the best ways to hit longer drives. After all, it’s your body that swings the golf club, not the other way around.

Your core (middle part of your body commonly known as your abdominals) dictates how much power you will produce in your golf swing. More specifically, your core strength and flexibility from a rotational aspect. Because your golf swing is a turn back and a turn through, you must have a good amount of both strength and flexibility specific to those rotations in your golf swing. Because the core is the engine to your swing, you should spend the most time in your golf exercise progam on your core.

Of course we recommend using the Extra Yards training aid to gain core strength and drive the ball further.

The great thing about exercises that are specific to your golf swing is that you can do them in your home.  In fact for under $50 you can have your very own golf fitness gym that will transform your golf swing.

Exercise balls are great for core strength too. When we say balls, we’re referring to stability balls and weighted medicine balls. Stability balls are great because they provide an unstable environment that not only helps your stabilizing muscles get stronger, but will help you better control your golf club during your round. The weighted medicine balls are fantastic for core rotational exercises. You can do many exercises right in your golf posture, or you can use them in conjunction with your stability ball.

Focus On Flexibility – With many older golfers, they have limitations that restrict their golf swing. These restrictions rob the golfer of power, distance and even consistency.

By working on golf swing exercises, a golfer can see amazing results in their distance. Sometimes adding as much as 30 yards to their drives is not uncommon.  Like mentioned above, rotational stretching will give you the biggest bang for your buck by far. You will soon be making a full backswing and a full follow through with minimal tension and maximum power.

So I hope you can see, exercises for your golf game are a must and if you ignore this well-known fact, you can wish and dream for a better game but it’s not going to happen.

Off-Season Golf Exercises

Nearly all players want to improve their power, particularly off the tee. This simple exercise, with the help of a medicine ball, can do the trick. The side-to-side exercise begins by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, with the knees bent somewhat, body upright and holding a medicine ball in front of the abs. Keep the elbows at a 90-degree angle throughout. Rotate the entire torso to the left until the shoulders are perpendicular to the hips. Once complete, return to the starting position and do the same thing to the right. Start with a single set of 8 to 10 reps.

Many recreational golfers put away the clubs in the winter and forget about them. Sean Cochran, a fitness advisor for the PGA Tour, says the larger mistake is not to work on your golf fitness during the off season. Getting in that work during a time in which there is little golf to be played can go a long way toward preparing the average player for the next season.

Golfers have never been counted among the strongest of athletes, but led by the fitness craze of several notable PGA Tour pros, including Tiger Woods, the golf world is beginning to focus more on fitness and exercise. Always remember when working out for golf that flexibility is often just as important as strength.

What Are the Main Muscles Used in a Golf Swing?. A golfer needs physical strength of certain key muscles to produce a decent golf swing.  Powerful glutes are critical to a strong, stable golf swing. To build your glute muscles, perform the bridge exercise by lying with your back on the floor.

Prepare for the upcoming golf season by performing exercises that improve leg power, flexibility and focus. To maintain a smooth, controlled swing, it is important to strengthen and stretch the muscles used most in golfing, and to work on balance. Many exercises useful for refining your game can be done at home.

Ensure full mobility in your golf swing by stretching your back muscles. Assume a normal golf stance. Hold the club parallel to the floor. Your right palm should face the ceiling and hold the club’s head while your left palm should face downward and hold the grip. Twist your back as you would during the first half of your swing and hold for thirty seconds. Follow through with the swing and hold the end position for another thirty seconds.

Powerful glutes are critical to a strong, stable golf swing. To build your glute muscles, perform the bridge exercise by lying with your back on the floor. Bend your legs and place them shoulder-width apart. keeping your feet flat on the ground. Lift your back off the floor so that most of your body weight is supported by your shoulders and feet. Hold this bridge position for as long as you desire and then lower yourself back down. This exercise should be repeated in sets of 10. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, lift one foot in the air while in the bridge position. Repeat 10 times and then switch legs.

Write down a schedule that is reasonable for your lifestyle. Start slower and build up as your strength and endurance increase. Just like golf, it takes time and practice to design a fitness program that works for you.

Training Aids to Hit Golf Balls Far

Training aids abound to help golfers increase distance. While many training aids target good swing fundamentals, which will help with distance as well as accuracy and control, some aids specifically target distance. These aids help increase swing strength and/or to develop muscles that create faster, more powerful swings.    Of course out of all the golf swing training aids, Extra Yards is the leader.

With any club in your bag, you can generate the proper feel for sound, athletic posture. Take a club and put it against your back so that it mirrors your spine. Be certain you make contact with the club at three different points: your tailbone, the middle of your back and the back of your head. From this position, tilt at the waist, maintaining contact with the club at all three points. This gives the proper feel for your body at address and help you avoid getting too comfortable or ‘slouched’ in your setup.

To help make sure you incorporate an efficient back swing where the club stays low and to the inside of the target line, all you need is a spare tee. Approximately eight inches behind the ball down the target line and two inches at a 90-degree angle to the inside of the line, stick you tee in the ground so that it just barely sits above the grass line. You should practice making back swings so the club actually hits that tee going back. In doing so, you prevent your hands from lifting the club too early and increase the chances that you are making a good rotation with your core.

Train How You Want To Perform – For Your Golf Swing

Golf is more than a game of gentlemanly manners. It requires power, balance and endurance. To achieve these requirements, athletes need to focus on golf exercise.

Train how you want to perform.

If you want to achieve something in an athletic event, you need to tailor your preparation around that goal. Simply put, you need to train how you want to perform. If a football linebacker wants to plow through the other team’s defenses, he needs to practice pushing and shoving really heavy objects.

The same goes for golf. Golfers need to tailor their training around how they want to hit the ball.

Here are 3 things you need to focus on with your golf exercise:

1) Posture.

How you hold your club determines how it connects with the ball. To perfect your game, you need to perfect your posture.

Keep your lower body straight and your upper body slightly bent. Lean forward into the ball and grasp your club with a strong yet comfortable grip.

2) Strength.

If you want the ball to go far, you need to hit it hard. Strength is an important yet neglected aspect of golf. Athletes need to make sure that their golf strength is, well, up to par.

Use weights and bands and specialized machines to increase the strength in your hips, shoulders and wrists.

3) Control.

Body control is the ability to organize and direct your movement. Without it, you couldn’t possibly deposit the ball into a hole that is 4.25 inches wide.

Learning control comes down to composure and breathing. You must relax. Imagine the ball is an extension of your club. Feel the air moving in and out of your lungs without effort.

For more information on how you can add to your golf exercise, visit http://extra-yards.com today!

The Extra 20 Yards Feature on Capital Golf Weekly

The Extra 20 Yards was recently featured on Capital Golf Weekly.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show – you might want to stop by and get your weekly download of what’s hot in the game of golf. 

Here’s The Extra 20 Yards featured:

Golf Fitness: Less time in the Gym, More time on the Course

Golf Fitness doesn’t require hours in the gym, in fact there are a few core muscle groups you really need to focus on when evaluating a golf fitness program.  The fact is it’s not just brut strength that gives you increased yardage on drives; coordinated muscle training delivers the best results.

Golf Fitness Muscle Groups

  • Core Muscle Group 
  • Upper Leg Muscles
  • Back & Shoulder Muscles
  • Forearm Muscles

When trained independently, you can increase strength for all of these muscle groups – however you may end up spending more time in the gym than out on the actual golf course. This sounded counterintuitive to us so we decided to group exercises together to strengthen these muscles in a simple exercise.

The goal of any golf fitness program should be to strengthen your body well enough to maintain the correct golf swing posture and be able to maximize the use of each muscle group throughout the swing. Training of these muscle groups in unison allows for a more fluid motion and sustained strength throughout the golf swing.

Check out a few exercises you can use to add distance to your drives here http://extra-yards.com/videos.html

The Thing I Like Is That You’re Not Selling Pixie Dust

Here are the facts: 1) Golf is a tough game 2) Getting good requires some dedication….but before we get to deep into work ethics and training schedule we would like to say that we think the shortest path to success is the best!

Of course, when we set out to create a new way to add distance to tee shots we kept our busy schedules and our dislike for gym membership fees in mind. We were left with the following options 1) build another driver that claims to add distance to your swing 2) create some “pixie dust” that magically enables golfers to crush it 3) create the worlds best golf exercise system that minimizes the time spent on strength training – making more time for actually playing golf.

With no club manufacturing experience under our belt and limited access to pixies, we opted to build the best golf fitness system we could. And guess what…it’s been helping golfers around the world to add more yards to their drives.

Our owner was recently on PGA Tour Radio speaking with Matt Adams about pixie dust, golf fitness and more.

Our Golf Fitness Product Featured in “The New York Times”

The Extra 20 Yards arrived in the U.S. in mid May and already the media is going crazy over this revolutionary golf fitness product. We are proud of the fact that many of the mainstream and golf writers are recognizing this product as something that really works!

After decades of reporting on the latest and greatest drivers they have finally found a product that makes sense. A little bit of hard work can go a long way (like an Extra 20 Yards) on the Golf Course.

Check out The Extra 20 Yards recently featured in The New York Times as part of a special segment on golf fitness.

Golf fitness is a hot topic because so many professional golfers have bought into the concept that fitter means farther and straighter ball flights. And there is little doubt that overall fitness is good for your overall game…

Read More…

The Importance of Golf Fitness

Golf has long been considered a sport that anyone can play, no matter what a person’s physical stature or ability is. However, in order for golfers to reach their true potential and achieve new heights with their game, it is important to participate in some form of golf fitness. Golf fitness helps maintain a strong, repeatable swing, improves your balance, develops muscle strength and can also prevent injuries.

Golf fitness is a concept that is still new to the golf world and has grown in popularity over the past few years. Two of the earliest proponents were Gary Player and Greg Norman, who felt that fitness would provide great benefits to a person’s golf game and body as well. Over the past ten years, the fitness movement has continued to build and has been supported in recent years by players such as Annika Sorenstam, Justin Rose, Anthony Kim and, most notably, Tiger Woods.

These golfers and other golf fitness followers adhere to strict training methods that improve muscular strength and stability in every part of the body. Training methods can include, but aren’t limited to, cardiovascular activity, flexibility and strength exercises and balance and stabilization training. This training can vary in time, intensity and volume depending on what level golfers wish to achieve with their game.

Apart from simply exercising, there are training products that can help golfers achieve new heights with their game. Exercise tools such as The Extra 20 Yards are specifically designed to help exercise golf muscles and improve swing and balance quickly and effectively.

Proper nutrition also plays a big part in the process. Exercise by itself is good but by
coupling it with a protein rich diet and the proper vitamins and minerals for their bodies, golfers can build lean muscle that will benefit their game for years to come.

Besides building and developing muscles, the prevention of injuries is another benefit to maintaining a golf fitness regimen. Injuries will keep golfers off the course for extended periods of time and, in extreme cases, can severely affect other daily activities. Through proper exercise and body maintenance, injuries that will affect a player’s game can be avoided.

Golf Fitness may be a new concept to the sport of golf but it has turned into an important one. By maintaining a proper exercise regimen and a healthy diet, golfers can quickly improve their golf game on top of becoming a healthier individual.

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